Partnership Project

Problems and difficulties

The partnership wants to solve a series of problems analysed with the students, trainers, guidance operators of the participating schools in the focus groups and interviews carried out by each partner.   The main problem to cope is the poor passion for the job demonstrated by the students involved in initial...

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The specific objective (purpose) of the partnership is to improve personnel development, employability and preparation of the students for integration into the Labour Market. In order to reach the purpose of the project, three results have to be achieved: to improve motivation and involvement of the pupils in guidance and...

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The partnership defined three different strategies to achieve the objectives and to solve the selected problems. The partnership worked on the four dimensions of guidance: formative, informative, counselling, inclusion into the labour market. While each partner works direcly on the formative guidance, the other three sectors of guidance are...

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Follow up

The partners started to think about the possible follow up of the partnership project in other projects:   Leonardo da Vinci - possibility to develop a Transfer of Innovation, having the analysis to be shared as a starting point of the project, sharing the methodology used to carry our the analysis and...

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