Transfer of Innovation

The intent to plan the TOI starts from the results achieved by the LdV Partnership project “Co-Building a Good Guidance”, awarded by the European Commission with the “Star Project 2011” label.

The main problem analysed by the partners reveal how the students have problems to find appropriate jobs after the end of their studies. The students don't know what to do in the future and express fear to enter in the labour market. The main cause of these problems is the poor motivation of the students. A part of the target group would like to change training because the present training is not appropriate for them after a while. Furthermore, they express a general fear of not finding a job, a condition that increase their confusion about the training they are following.

The project purpose is to improve the motivation for school of the students. In order to achieve the project purpose two main results must be achieved : decreased number of students that would like to change training and increased ability to think about career choice. The achievement and sustainability in time of the purpose can lead to the following general objectives for the students: decreased drop out, decreased problems of finding appopriate jobs, improving their insertion in the labour market; reducing fear to enter in the labour market; improved knowledge of their future career and quality of life, taking in account the respective situation of girls, of boys and both.
The italian applicant organisation coordinated the Partnership Project that generated the transferable guidance method and instruments. The Romanian Inspectorates of Education, the French international centre of education of Montpellier, the Dutch regional training centre Noorderpoort, the Latvian special boarding school development centre and the Conference for adult lifelong learning of southern Switzerland participate in the transfer of the method as core-partners. The EDU-VET Institutions of the italian and french partners support their work in the dissemination, exploitation, and sustainability of the project.
The partners involve in the project 87 schools in 5 Countries for a total amount of 2.955 students attending their 2nd year of professional and vocational training in 35 different training sectors. The project leads to the description of 35 professions made by the students with the transferred innovative method of guidance. The preliminary analysis and the experimentation of the transfer in a sample of schools anticipate the geographical and sartorial transfer of the method in the participating Countries. Students improve their transversal and key competences thanks to the transferred method.

The partners are going to exploit the project results and deliverables for three training years after the project end. The EDU-VET Institutions and the stakeholders network of each partner are going to disseminate and exploit the project in their territories in cooperation with the partners.

You can find all information, products and results of the TOI project in the ADAM database.

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